The Great Gatsby- Misconceived and Misjudged

the-great-gatsby-2013So The Great Gatsby is watched. The movie is incredibly misjudged but I took my risks and went for it. Thanks Kalpita for finally making this happen.

The movie truly transcends you to the 1920s era where you had the bob hairstyles, mad grand parties et al. I found the movie to be very bollywoodish (in a good way. I could relate to it) with the lead ( Leonardo DiCaprio) Mr. mysterious Jay Gatsby madly in love with a daisy blonde ( Carey Mulligan (P.S. Hot!)) and can do anything to spend the rest of his life with her. Can someone get that fanatic to buy a palace in ‘The’ Long Island and to top it up, host some free wild parties???!!

Now does this really happen in Hollywood, Old Sport? (in The Great Gatsby style!)
According to many this movie is ‘Crazy’, ‘Like really?’, ‘Who does this?’, ‘Wasn’t there any other girl?’, ‘Reminds me of Orkut!’, ‘Sounds like Tere Naam ?!?’, ‘What a fool!’ but I am sure to watch this magical & full-of-passion ‘fairy-tale’ again!

Lastly leaving you with the whispers I heard at the theatre… “… a carnival sorts”, “clichéd story pictured in a beautiful way”, “full justice to the book”, “ Amitabh Bachchan is an actor who needs just that one scene”, “wish you did something like that for me”, “….pleasure to watch Di’Cap onscreen, reminds me of his Titanic days”

Note: Do click on the image to view Screenshots – The Great Gatsby


One thought on “The Great Gatsby- Misconceived and Misjudged

  1. I think the movie belongs to Leo D. And two thumbs up to the soundtrack! But I don’t think it did justice to the Fitzgerald masterpiece. That’s just my opinion though. Maybe being slightly Bollywood-ish, as you’ve rightly pointed out, is the reason. Enjoyed it thoroughly though!

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