Hangover III – Irrecoverable Big Head!

Alan in his opening scene - Hangover IIIThe final segment in the trilogy was published with the release of Hangover III. The hot! and our favorite (Bradley Cooper) Phil Wenneck (Ed Helms) Dr. Stu Price, and (Zach Galifianakis) Alan Garner come together to make us laugh but fail miserably this time. As you know most of the reviews have bashed the movie but we think that there are sections in the movie which could have been a laugh riot if there were less deliberate efforts not made to ‘create humor’. If you watch movies because you are a fan of a particular actor and/or character then Zach Galifianakis is the only one you watch THIS movie for.

Alan, our most favorite, is the only character for which we suggest you should put your money on; and of course Leslie Chow (Ken Jeong) will crack you a couple of times but lately his tweets are more hilarious that he himself in the movie. The movie takes off well but within the first 30 minutes it starts to decline and how… Alan’s funeral speech and the awesome opera he sings will crack you up. His rhythm of arguments with Stu is another wise-ass gag! His love interest is also something that will make you giggle and sometimes feel gross too… but that’s Alan, isn’t it? Although the ‘hot’ quotient in the movie has drained out, so… there is a scene where the hot teacher 😉 Phil is trying break open a wall and his friends ask him to ‘take-off-his-shirt’. Like, really? Bradley bought the hot quotient with his cut-lip in the first part of the trilogy; although this time the direct command was a pure turn off for Bradley fans. The downside is that he doesn’t take his shirt off! Boy! when the girls asks you to take your shirt off… you bloody well take the darn thing off!!! He could, perhaps, take a lesson from Salman Khan 🙂

Stu, on the other hand doesn’t have much to do but is there only to support Alans jokes and support Phil in being the smart-pants and getting outta shit! Chow on the other hand, like always, is the trouble maker but this time around the trouble he has created is not laughable enough. Think they should have still continued with weddings and bachelors.

You will only find yourself in splits post the credits… duh huh!!! Because it has a scene i.e. Alan Garner’s Bachelors Party. When we watched the movie many had by the time left their seats and were out of the theatre, you don’t want to still in for long ‘coz of the hangover!

P.S.: Dont forget to observe that the movie has no reference to a ‘Hangover’ like the other two segments… unless post credits scenes are counted 😛

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