Book Review: The Unbearable Lightness of Being – So Far, So Good

the-unbearable-lightness-of-beingA friend refers this book to us saying that it is a good read but at the same time it is highly disturbing. So we order the book out of high curiosity. The book arrives and we began reading it just to realize that the book will need a lot of concentration and a vast range of philosophical inclinations. Although the book is very simple in its language, author Milan Kundera, who is of Czech origin living in France, writes with a lot of open-ended thoughts that will allow you to relate and explore the idea mentioned.

So let us introduce you to the characters: Tomáš, a surgeon; his wife Tereza, a photographer anguished by her husband’s infidelities; Tomáš’s lover Sabina, a free-spirited artist; Franz, a Swiss university professor and lover of Sabina; and Šimon, Tomáš’ estran

The Unbearable Lightness of Being - Original Book Cover

ged son from an earlier marriage. [1] These characters meet each other at some point in their lives and discover and un-learn a lot of things that they have either presumed or carry baggage of since childhood or otherwise. The characters are easy follow even if their lives are interconnected and not jumbled. The Book is free flowing as it gives you apt references without you needing to turn the pages backwards.

Incidences are very well explained with minimal decorative narration and more impetus on Lightness, Being and Burden which are the central themes. There are also sections in the book that compelled us to start taking notes and underlining as we read. We are ‘lil more than half way through the book so make sure to check this space again in a few days time 😉 We are expecting a dramatic but entertaining ending to this one…

…to be continued


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