Restaurant Review: Maharaja Bhog – One Ultimate Thali Place

Warm ambiance in the Goregaon outlet

Warm ambiance in the Goregaon outlet

For carnivores like us, it is very difficult to crave for a vegetarian restaurant. But this place is different.

We decided to go to this special place on a weekday along with a friend.

Located in the happening food court of Oberoi Mall in Goregaon (East), Maharaja Bhog is indeed a paradise to foodies who love Indian cuisine. The menu is a mix of Rajasthani, Gujarathi and a dash of Punjabi dishes.

Here’s the menu of the day when ‘Story Soviets’ were there to experience the gastronomic ride…

Maharaja Style Thali

Maharaja Style Thali

Dal- Rajasthani Dal, Rajasthani Kadhi, Gujarathi Dal, Gujarathi Kadhi

Roti- Phulka, Khoba Roti, Jeera Puri

Rice- Plain Rice, Khichdi (with some nice ghee :-p)

Vegetable- Tandoliya Bhaji, Aloo Patal Bhaji, Paneer Makhani Masala, Moong Masala

All this with lots of Aam Ras, Cherry Halwa, Kanji Puram Dhokla, Pakiza (Yum!) and the special and innovative Rasgulla Chat (Our personal favorite 😉 )

'Innovative' Rasgulla Chat

‘Innovative’ Rasgulla Chat

Have we already got your mouth to water? Well that was indeed our mission 😀

The thali joint, initially known as ‘Rajdhani’ is owned by Maheshwari foods and has always been a favorite for family get-togethers. The warm ambiance and the silent atmosphere inside the restaurant, actually makes this place apt for a perfect Sunday lunch.

The staff in true sense give you a homely feeling. It is fun to watch the silent communication between them. Whatever is missing on your thali is quickly and quietly refilled – sometimes even without you realizing it. And what’s more in true Indian tradition, a host comes over and offers one more helping of aamras or dhokla….and in true Indian tradition, you can refuse. It keeps coming…you keep eating… goes on and on when at last you call for the ewer to wash your hands.

The 'Royal' golden thali at Maharaja Bhog makes you indeed feel like a 'Maharaja'

The ‘Royal’ golden thali at Maharaja Bhog makes you indeed feel like a ‘Maharaja’

In all, Maharaja Bhog is a perfect family lunch destination where you will actually feel like a ‘Maharaja’. Go there for fresh and hot unlimited food topped with some innovative and modern side dishes served with love by extra warm staff.

Pic courtesy: Story Soviets 🙂


One thought on “Restaurant Review: Maharaja Bhog – One Ultimate Thali Place

  1. Has anything changed (apart from title) from what Rajdhani used to be once it is taken over…. I had almost similar meal in Rajdhani yesterday in R-city Mall.

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