Restaurant Review: Ladies Night at Lagerbay (Mumbai) – Strategy Gone Right!

We visited this joint at Waterfield Road, Bandra on the farewell of our friend. Since we have been friends for a long long time we had to say goodbye over drinks and what better way than at the ‘Ladies Night’!!!

As we all know men prefer to visit ‘ladies night’ for obvious reasons one of us went there not just to bid good-bye but also to give his opinion on the place. So here it is, the ladies ordered the drinks that were on offer (not too many options to choose from though) which did not come with a snack as per Indian booze traditions. Our boyfriend that came along felt that the liquid options were fair and he personally liked it.

The service at the place is prompt and strict at the same time. Out of curiosity our boyfriend wanted to taste a drink which was on the house ONLY for the ladies, one of the Staffs saw it and did not hesitate to warn us. He immediately requested us to not practice such ‘wrong’. The restaurant offers a food package that doesn’t dig a hole in your pocket, food served was well presented but the measure in our opinion was ‘lil, so much so that it did not satiate us.

The ambiance of the place was inviting and well-lit. If you like to smoke while you drink, be prepared to get off your chair as often as you feel the urge ‘coz the smoke zone is outside the restaurant. Finally, visit the place if you have a comfortable yet warm pocket with a bunch of friends or office colleagues. If you have a ‘Fat Boy!’ (a motor bike like a Harley) you will have a bay dedicated for the parking of your fatty pal.

Fun and goodness in fair amounts assured, here!

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