Music Video Review: Lazy Lad | Ghanchakkar – A Well Woven Story

This fun and quirky song from the movie Ghanchakkar is a sneak-peek in to the story of the movie. Vidya Balan tops her typical, loud and ‘bright’ Punjabi character (having said that she could have been a ‘lil better in this video). Whereas, Emraan Hashmi, the adorable guy he is, has best portrayed the ‘couch potato’, lazy lad very convincingly.

The music is catchy and the Hindi mixed with English mixed with Punjabi lyrics is epic! Since the trend of  such quirky lyrics has become a rage this song is one of the few that we think is ‘good’. The music is composed by the talented Music Director Amit Trivedi and sung by Richa Sharma.

Have fun while you watch this? We think it’s a song that will play on repeat…

P.S.: see the pink gloves! (he wears it first on his right hand and the next shot show him wearing it in his left!)

don’t forget to also watch ‘Ghanchakkar Babu’ song that kind of gives away the story… pay close attention tot he lyrics!

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