Trailer Review: Chennai Express – Get On The Train Baby!?

We watched this trailer this morning and were not too impressive nor did it manage to tickle us in the least bit 😦 Dont get us wrong, we are not entirely disappointed. The movie is action packed, definitely! as it rightly says Rohit Shetty Shtyle! Yeah, lotsa cars flying… cars crashing… cars jumping over each other… cars and only cars… oh! sorry there is a train too 😛

Shahrukh Khan or Deepika Padukone that star as the lead actors, are not striking (unless we consider their attire) nor have  they got anything new to the characters that they play. The south-Indian accent is not that fun either! Having said that, we are expecting the movie to have a few gags that will crack you up. When you walk out of the movie hall after watching this rom-com you will definitely remember a few dialogues. We say this only because it is a Rohit Shetty film.

Watch this movie if you are a die-hard fan of Mr. Badshah Khan and Miss. Shanti Padukone! Also if you are those that don’t miss a Rohit Shetty movie. This movie for others does not have much meat in the story nor in the comedy. Watch it in a single screen theatre, you’ll save on money and you’ll enjoy the crowds response more than the movie 🙂 (you just might enjoy it).

The movie has an item number composed by the music director pair Vishal-Shekhar, that may take you ‘again’ to the theatres 😛 (hearing S. P. Balasubramaniam is a refreshing, as well)

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