Trailer Review: Ship Of Theseus – Contemporary & Inspiring

When we saw the trailer we watched it a couple of times only for its story-line and by the remarkable acting. The Music by Naren Chandavarkar, Benedict Taylor, and Rohit Sharma kind of gives you a haunting feeling (just by the sheer darkness of the movie) and takes you into a pensive ‘zone’. It only makes the movie experience very gripping and all the more sapid!

Based on the concept of Self, Change and Death, Anand Gandhi does an astounding job with this story. Along with him Punkaj Kumar and Kushboo Ranka have written the story and it just impress’ us to the fullest. Anand Gandhi has completely put himself into this movie and its evident. This is one movie that we wish goes commercial and not just remain as an art or documentary movie.

We applaud Kiran Rao And UTV Motion Pictures for supporting this movie which will be screened in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore. Audiences who would want this movie to be screened in their cities in India, an online campaign ‘Vote for the film in your city’ will be launched this week. The city which gets multiple votes will be ensured of a screening.

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