What the Mumbai Locals Teach You: A Photo Story

We met this shy Gujju girl and instantly knew that she had a creative side to her. She came to the city-of-dreams to take a strong step towards making her life bigger than ever. In her words and through her lens, we present to you her photo story… you may also see more of her musings at Chaotic Meadows

Mumbai had always been a vacation destination for me until I came here this summer, for an internship. Though a regular Mumbai visitor I have recently been acquainted to the Mumbai local railways.

Starting by being scared of them… to being accustomed to them…my journey with these locals has been a fun and bumpy ride… literally! 😛

So, as I pack my bags to leave this enchanting city, I would like to share with you’ll what this life-line-of-Mumbai is trying to say. Those little whispers one generally misses out on, as they run to catch their train everyday!

Hoping you enjoy it…

The Mumbai locals teach you…

In this fast paced world,


Take a moment to figure out your Destination,


Choose the Right Track,


Understand your Barriers,


Await the Arrival,


Have Patience and Wait for your Turn,


Do not Fear the Competition,


Make your own Way,


And Most of all, Believe in Yourself!


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