Trailer Review: Jobs

We’d hear of this movie being bad and all that but we didn’t not realize that it could look like this. Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs, we admit, is not as great as the character should have been. It’s strange that he was even approached for this role. He, in our opinion, pulls down the movie. The rest of the star cast looks just fine Matthew Modine as John Sculley and J. K. Simmons as Arthur Rock seem the best as far as the trailer goes.

The story is a true life inspired story; of course there will be few assumptions in the movie. We fear this movie may fade and ‘Jobs’ may not get as much adulation as Steve got! The set-up of the movie seems good; yeah the cinematography is believable and not make-do. Although, the story seems to drag a bit already and it may also not bind you in to. We just hope this doesn’t turn out a sham all together.

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