Trailer Review: Escape Plan – Somkie, Smokes!

Two of the most finest action heroes,  Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger have come together for this movie so we are hoping (at it looks) like this movie will be action packed! Although it may have a few ‘dumb’ moments. On the looks of it the movie seems like a good watch.

The mystery and the action is going to be great. It seems to be close to living up to the genre ‘Thriller’. Although it also looks very round-the-mill types (remember the jail break movies?) but watching both these men doing their thing after a long time in it self will be a refreshing thing.

The men look old and acting Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn’t seem to be anything beyond a bland face but all you have to watch this movie for is its action, period! Anyway, since when did muscle and sense go together?


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