Trailer Review: Grown Ups 2 – Too Much Fun

Trailer | Grown Ups 2

Grown Ups is a movie that happened by chance to us when we first watched it and we loved it. It was too much fun so we raise our hands in praise for Adam Sandler and Fred Wolf who created the crazy characters in the movie. The second version of the movie which is a profession for the first seems equally fun-filled and comic.

This trailer gives a lot of promises which we hope they fulfill. We don’t think this will be a disappointment but they say, never judge a movie by its trailer (guilty!). We trust Adam Sandler (since he is also producing the movie) and by far his movies have not disappointed us nor did we think that the movies were a one time watch.

The movie will see a lot of guests like Taylor Lautner, Shaquille O’Neal, Jackie Sandler and Stone Cold Steve Austin doing their thing on the big screen. Do watch this movie at your nearest cinema hall and let us know if we were right or we just simply suck!?

5 thoughts on “Trailer Review: Grown Ups 2 – Too Much Fun

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