Trailer Review: The Conjuring – Dont Forget To Breathe…

We will admit that we ignored the rushes of this movie at the movie halls. Not because it is a horror genre movie but because we have seen way too many awesome horror movie whose premise is paranormal activity. What did get our attention is the fact that James Wan has Directed this movie and it is based on true events experienced by the Warren couple.

The duo James Wan (Director) and John R. Leonetti (Cinematographer) are back with great entertainment with this movie. What we have loved is that the movie is less digital and more on the lines of The Exorcist series, which makes the movie a good watch. It comes across to be a sensational entertainer, it doesn’t seem to make an effort to reinvent anything in this genre but it definitely will give you goose pimples 🙂

If you like the rush a true horror movie gives and makes you laugh less at the make-up then this is a must watch for your weekend break! (unless you live at a farm-house :P)

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