Trailer Review: Blue Jasmine – This Time It’s Serious

We took very long to find the exact way to say what and how this movie is. Yes it is that good! Woody Allen like always is here only to mesmerize the audience with his stories. We wonder what actually happens in that brain of his. Having said this, the movie may not be up to everyone’s taste, someone might find it a drag and a little exaggerated.

The story is slightly dark and serious with a great feel, it is an out an drama. Andrew Dice Clay makes a come back with his movie and is quite impressive. Cate Blanchett shows why she is an Oscar winner. Her portrayal of Jasmine, who hits rock bottom, will shake you and make you feel her pain in the literal sense (that’s how good Woody Allen can be).

The film features a deep ensemble in supporting roles, including Peter SarsgaardBobby CannavaleLouis C.K. The characters and the performances by Sally Hawkins and Alec Baldwin are noteworthy. Woody Allen makes a great comeback with Blue Jasmine to domestic drama… don’t miss this one for anything!!!

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