Trailer Reviews: Pain and Gain – Satirical But Not As Much Fun

Pain and Gain is precisely the movie for which Dwyane (The Rock) Johnson had pumped up his muscles so very much. It may not have been all that worth it. Everyone one loves The Rock and thanks to his fan following the movie may get audiences to see him ‘in action’ literally. He is seen doing up his muscles in the gym… and wow… on the big screen, you know!

Mark Wahlberg, however, will be seen doing similar stuff; though his cynicism clubbed with the muscles doesn’t really get you on with the pace of the movie. Its dumb from all the sides, what may get you interested is the innocence of Mark’s character.

Michael Bay has made good movies before and we hope this movie at least touches the good movie bar… Watch it only if you don’t really have anything to watch at the cinema halls. You may also watch it for its story that is familiar but it may be a ‘lil different in the approach by Micheal Bay… all up to you!

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