Trailer Review: Chor Chor Super Chor – Laughter Galore

The trailer definitely packs a punch and lotsa laughter. We vouch for Deepak Dobriyal’s acting and comic timing. The movie is simple in terms of its direction and story line. Although the love interest usually in comedies dilutes the fun. This in particular may not dilute the fun but it may lag the story a bit.

Having said this we hope the movie is not too long, if it is short this is a riot! The director K. Rajesh does a decent job with the direction and the variety of tricks are shot well and very convincingly. The theft’s in the movie are different (at least in the trailer) in comparison to the ones we have been seeing for so many years now.

Do catch this movie with your buddies for a light and fun-filled experience. It will be worth the penny!

Chor Chor Super Chor will be in theatres on 2 August 2013.


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