Book Review: And The Mountains Echoed – Heart-breaking, Sadness, Despair!

You got us right; it is a book that will make you cry. It is written beautifully, the premise shifts from mystery to reality in each chapter. When you begin a chapter you are reading a completely new thing. As you read the chapters you will then understand what exactly is being referred and where, how and what is happening with the character. The book is a good yet quick read of 400 odd pages. The story will not bind you but it will definitely have you coming back to it if you were tearing away from it.

Although, the book is more like a movie script, as you read (and if you imagine while you read) you will be able to see it as a motion picture. It is highly disappointing that the Author Khalid Hosseini wrote this book as a script for his other two books The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns were a pleasure read. Like many others we are big fans of the Author too and he delivers exactly what all his books are about – a massive heart-break!

The book creates the same old magic but we realize that you can actually read the first few pages and directly skip to the last few pages and yet not miss anything! Unless a detailed life story of the characters is what would interest you.

We think this book a good read but what’s the point if you’re going to forget about it the next day? And The Mountains Echoed is soon going to fetch a fortune, buying the rights, for adapting it in to a motion picture!

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