Movie Review: Shorts – Too Short Yet Intense

HumaThe first movie starring Huma Qureshi, Shweta Tripathi, Satya Anand & Aditya Kumar helmed by Shlok Sharma begins with a rather shocking scene. This is how it opens… a very young boy picks up the dress of his “sister” who is hardly a few years old (yeah a small kid). So our eyes go big and hereon we know what to expect. The story-line of this short film named Sujata is developed on the lines of this opening scene. The scene is improvised up on, as they age; how the brother tries his ways with his sister.


Although, the movie gets predictable and will definitely raise questions. It doesnt end drastically but you will heave a huge sigh once you know “it’s” over! Huma will make you feel her angst. Aditya Kumar and Satya Anand too have done a good job, they will give you the creeps.


The second short film is Epilogue by Siddharth Gupt starring Richa Chaddha and Arjun Shrivastav is a silent movie. We thought that the silence in the movie was very apt. It represents the silence in a already broken relationship which is about to snap! Few may find the movie complicated but it is as simple as love, possessiveness, isolation, depression, desperation and a vicious circle. We loved the perspective of the staircase that has been repeatedly shown through the movie.

1859974Richa Chadda and Arjun Shrivastav have done a decent job in this movie. Richa, while you watch the movie, does get irritating. But that’s what her role is… so imagine how real she is while she acts. (She doesn’t even allow him to pee in peace, or even shave or eat!). Arjun on the other hand has portrayed the irritated yet calm boy friend, he has held his fort well.


Audacity by Anirban Roy starring Preeti Singh, Sankar Debnath and Kanchan Mullick is a very sweet story. It stays true to its title. Preeti Singh plays her part well and very convincingly, whereas Sankar Debnath is striking (you’d really want to slap him for his behavior). You will, in the opening scene, visit the times when people spoke like this “Today’s generation… blah blah”. Whats more striking about this movie is the direction, Anirban Roy has very well shown a home situation escalating in to a neighborhood scandal. It is a beautiful dark comedy about the growing domestic issues. Don’t miss this one!


Mehfuz a story on an undertaker by Rohit Pandey starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Aditi Khanna is heart warming. Although the story will leave you asking for more. You will have to keep a few things unanswered for your self in this one. Just simply broaden your zone of creative interpretations. It is an established fact of the brilliance of Nawazuddin as an actor. So watch this for him and for the dark hole this stories creates.


The last story by Neeraj Ghaywan starring Vineet Singh and Ratnabali Bhattacharjee called Shor is the best of them all. Its a story about how out-stationed couples move to the city of dreams – Mumbai, in hope for a better life. The hard reality and the changing circumstances of their love life has been captured very realistically. Vinnet and Ratnabali have played their parts just like you have known them forever. They are excellent in their own characters and the Director has also done a commendable job.


All the stories are hard hitting, they will each time make you heave a sigh, and make you emote in ways you will only discover for yourself. Although the movie experience could be intense and thus make you want to leave the theatre. Make sure you are highly inclined on dark and twisted content. The movies may be confusing too, and if short movies is not your thing then you might find yourself asking, why would someone make such movies…

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