Book Review: Predictable Results In Unpredictable Times – Smart Read!

We all know that Stephen Covey is a celebrated Author. This book was not just a great and quick read but it was equally insightful as all of his other works. The Book is a walk through for any person and Company on what simple steps can do to change the face of the situation that one is in.

This book serves as a hand book to everyone. You need not be a working professional, you could be a housewife and yet make use of the suggestions in the Book. Authors Late Stephen R. Covey and Bob Whitman, chairman of FranklinCovey have done a stupendous job with the Book by keeping it simple.

The Book is very simple in terms of language as well. Any person not averse to a business environment or the know-hows will find it easy to read and understand the book. The Book will definitely intrigue you to dig deep in to the case studies mentioned in the book. The cases mentioned are not just interesting but they also have a lot of flak attached to it which makes it a lesson in many aspects.

The Book though does get dull with the repetitive ‘Teach-to-Learn’ format. Although a great idea it falls short as not many would actually do that unless the reader is a trainer or takes what he reads too seriously. The Book is meant for ‘serious’ stuff but when you read it the content itself will be a great teacher. You can test your learning with this section but it may fade off your mind after your done with the Book.

A 94-pager cracker of a Book! Read it and stay rest assured that the book will teach you a thing or more.

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