Trailer Review: Boss – Rowdy!

The Action hero of so many hearts is back with a bang… he presents to us ‘Boss’. The movie definitely packs a punch and topped with comic timings of characters. Akshay Kumar is back with another rowdy performance and a lot of new stunts to blow our minds off.

The trailer evidently tells the story of the movie but it also holds back the ‘twist-in-the-tale’. Although the movie may be round-the-mill or very ‘Rowdy Rathore’ kinds. The trailer clearly shows the same sets used for this movie. Those who don’t like repetitive premise of movies may not find this interesting.

The story of a long-lost-brother and his girl friend has been an adage in Bollywood. The fact that the lead actor Akshay Kumar doesn’t seem to have a lead actress could be the missing masala quotient to the movie. The Music may not stir too much interest. You will also find that there is an old song reprized in this movie which doesn’t sound too intriguing either.

Askhay fans, watch this – our review won’t matter 😉

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