Book Review: – Ladies Only!

Marriage is not as difficult as finding the right person in a short period of time, especially, if you are getting married in the traditional Indian way. The book presents the same with a twist – meeting the boy here is through matrimonial portals and the approach by the parents is modern as well. Every girls experience in meeting numerable boys for wedding proposals is in some way strange. There are incidents are hilarious, insulting or absolutely naïve.

Neeta Iyer in her book,, shares her experiences and finally settles on one man that she finds Mr. Perfect! Did you pay close attention to ‘finally’? Yes we meant it that way, because all her experiences though some interesting get monotonous as you flip through pages. Quite literally you could actually read the first few chapters (to understand the flow) and directly reach the last chapters last few pages.

The monotony will bore you but the men she has encountered are quite real and one can relate to them in many ways. There are few people you might have met in some other context at some point in time in life. If not this is a learning that there such kind of people in this world. Anyway, moving on, the language in the book is very simple but like I mentioned the flow is monotonous. The monotony is added by the language as it remains in one particular format of sorts. Just like a journalist would write his/ her articles.

It is a good read if you’d give yourself a break after a couple of chapters. But it is difficult to not be curious on the next person she would go to meet and what kind of a character would he turn out to be.

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