Basilur Tea – Warms Up Your Heart, Literally!

Basilur Tea_3

We’re not very ‘Tea’ kinda people, but we are explorers 😉 This fine weekend we tried Cocktail flavors by Balisur Tea from Sri Lanka. Basilur Tea, a Ceylon based tea brand known for its natural exotic flavors encased within inventive ornate packaging provides 100% Pure Ceylon black & green teas, having over 150 products, 70 unique tea blends. Here’s what we served to our guests:

Vazar_Irish Cream

Vazar Irish Cream: This tea really captures the sweet creaminess of Irish Cream and a hint of milky taste to awaken your taste buds. It is a perfect blend of an alcoholic burst and tea. It does exactly what the actually cocktail would do, minus the hangover! 😉

This tea is a must try for all those Irish Cream fans (like us!). We highly recommend this maybe for a get-together post lunch; serve this with some warm gossip 😉 or for a Sunday morning blush, if you please!


Vazar Mojito: A lip-smacking blend, spearmint combined with lime for a smooth & sweet taste. The mint flavour and the lime tastes are so perfect that we couldn’t keep the cup away from our lips. This is the best thing to sip while you read that oh-so-amazing book or simply while you are catching up with family on the couch, or on that special Saturday afternoon…the flavours just warm up your hearts 😉

Basilur Tea_Before and after images of leaves

Basilur Tea_Before and after images of leaves

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