Book Review: DADA- Back To College!

Have you ever heard of a person who has:

–          Never followed rules

–          Never respected the education system

–          Always cheated

–          Always manipulated

…But still believed in dreams and made it big? Meet DADA! 🙂



We recently happened to read Vibhor Tikiya’s debut book, DADA. Vibhor, a second rank holder in Electrical Communication from IISc, Bangalore and an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, has beautifully put down his inspirational college life through this book.

It is about a guy called Aditya a.k.a. DADA and his friendship with John, a maverick and alcoholic Mallu genius, Vivek, a lovable geek and a beauty with brains called Divya forged at an Engineer college named Premiere Institute of Technology. Aditya is branded “Dada” or big brother by his contemporaries thanks to his huge physique and ‘street-smart’ ways to get things done. He is shocked by sudden demise of his father and grows up to be a rebel without a cause, with no aim, dream, goal or ambition of his own. He manipulates in every possible way (literally!) to end up in engineering college and uses his friends, teachers and even foes to attain his mother’s dream of an engineering degree.

Post this he manages to become a Professor, which was also his late father’s dream. All through the scheming and manipulating, he remains noncommittal in life to any cause including love till he meets his match in Priya, whom he never cared about during his engineering days. How the reform happens and the hiccups there in … the book packs all this and more, quite well.

Like it is usually said that engineering students like to keep things crisp and ‘to-the-point’, the book is very smoothly written and gets you to become a part of DADA’s gang. When we say smoothly written, I really mean it….it’s written in a way that anyone would relate to the story. You get so involved that you start seeing yourself as part of the DADA gang. For us, this book had such a good impact, that we could actually relate the characters to our own friends.

All in all, you want to go back to your college days? Relive ‘those’ moments? Well, we suggest you read DADA.


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