Auriga – The Devil That Dines And A Drink That Smokes!

Halloween is a festival of chills and thrills. Auriga will host a ‘Halloween’ themed gastronomic journey for all of you that visit. “Dragon blood” beverages, and Food that can kill, dedicating this weekend to spooking people out with their apparent over the top drinks and desserts.

Drinks will have smoke blazing out and desserts over pouring with alcohol. If you haven’t thought of something crazy to do yet – once you have these treats, you will have bunch of tricks lined up!

Molecular Mixology

Molecular Mixology

The Molecular Mixology weekend is an attempt to get you to try Auriga’s in-house blends of smoked drinks which are concoction of overpowering flavours perfectly gelled together in one drink. You can find drinks to the likes of Green Tea paired with Lemon Grass and Vodka or even Orange with Basil and Vodka

Passionfruit Cheesecake

Passionfruit Cheesecake

In desserts, an upside down rum soaked cake will bring out the devil in you. Besides a passion fruit cheesecake, so smooth and silky, will remind you of the angel within.

For a night of tricks and treats, head to Auriga this Halloween!!!

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