Book Review: Past Perfect – Emotional!

When we pick a book to check if it would interest us, we tend to read the description first and then check its cover. This time we did the same but hardly did we know that the book would be as emotional as its cover. Author Anna Varghese allows the reader to enter in to her arduous world. She suffers from this unique medical condition (ulcerative colitis, a serious chronic abdominal disease at the age of 4) which she describes in detail to her daughter. The details at times with make your stomach twist!

The book is very difficult to read through because it’s more like a personal diary of the Author. The book also includes pictures of the family and the Author with her daughter. It’s difficult to imagine her write these words as she is fighting her own personal battle with the medical condition and the emotional turmoil that’s going on in her heart. The book is spread evenly with her life events, though the text could be crisper to make the read more comfortable and smooth.

The Author - Anna Varghese with her daughter Aditi

The Author – Anna Varghese with her daughter Aditi

The book encompasses a journey that has humour that is jargon to a family; each person’s names and identification’s as per their personal traits, family get together in Kerala, Malayali peculiarities and the romance in every meal with family. It has a flow where the child is introduced to most members of the family and to the ordeal. The Author also mentions her critical condition while she was carrying the daughter in her womb, safely!

Read the book to learn how grateful can one be for the good life we all live. It’s a learning curve as a reader!

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