Urbanrestro.com’s Bar-O-Scope Shows You The Recipe To Party!

While the festive season is peaking in, your mind goes insane with party ideas. We suggest that you throw your own house party for friends 😉 make your own Cocktails and let your hair down. Oh! ‘Beware of the Neighbours’ 😛

We’re sharing an innovative recipe with you today. Urbanrestro.com with Out of the Blue, Powai organized Bar-o-Scope where participants get to learn their own Cocktails like Martini, Fun on the Beach, Jaljeera Mojito and Daiquri.

Shrey's Perfecto

Shreyansh Shah made a delicious cocktail and named it ‘Shrey’s Perfecto’ which was selected as part of the restaurants drinks menu. Here’s his recipe for you to try 😉

Shrey’s Perfecto:

  1. Muddle Mint leaves and lemon together
  2. Add 20ml sweet and sour
  3. Add 60ml vodka
  4. Add 30ml strawberry crush
  5. Garnish with mint & orange/cherry

And voila!!! It’s ready to serve!

Do drop us a message and let us know how your cocktail turned out 🙂

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