No time for traditional workouts? How about some ‘Parkour’…

If you hate traditional workouts, the French sport, parkour, might just be the perfect routine for you

The French sport Parkour seems to have caught the fancy of the youth in cities such as Mumbai and Delhi. Considered as a viable alternative by many to regular gym workouts and yoga, Parkour is described as the activity or sport of moving rapidly through an area, typically in an urban environment, negotiating obstacles by running, jumping and climbing. In short, the sport does not require any equipment and one needs to ideally make the best use of one’s natural surroundings to practice the same.

Parkour in India

Parkour in India (Pic Courtesy: Redbull)

Story Soviets spoke to popular TV and film actor Karan Chhabra, an ardent fan of Parkour. Karan was last seen in his real life avatar in the popular show “The Serial” on Channel V. He was also signed on as a second lead in Tiger Shroff’s debut film “Hero-Panti” that went on the floors this year.  Meanwhile, The Serial was a show with a difference where celebrities played out their real life roles. However the surprise element of the show was Karan, the proud winner of the first season of the popular reality show “SuperStud” on UTV Bindaas that was hosted by Ashmit Patel.

Karan Chhabra

Karan Chhabra

1. Since when have you been practising Parkour

Ans: I was drawn to this French martial art five years back and since then I have been practising Parkour.  The Step up series of movies also inspired me to take up Parkour.  Being a trained dancer, I believe it is very good in helping build stamina and maintain a fit body.

2. Do you find it challenging to practise Parkour in a city like Mumbai and Delhi since it is an outdoor sport

Ans: Yes I do, because one needs good parks and most importantly good open spaces. Delhi has these, however Mumbai largely doesn’t which is why it is a challenge to practice it here. Additionally one needs adequate safety gear, special shoes with a soft and good sole and a safety pad.

In fact I try and practice Parkour whenever I can in open spaces or places that I travel to.

3. According to you, what is the best thing about Parkour

Ans: The best thing about Parkour is that it is a great way to maintain your body, burn body fat, keep your weight under control, gradually increase stamina and look slim and smart in the process as well. Additionally it also helps one stay lean to a certain extent. While practising Parkour one needs to keep both the body and the mind alert.

If one is truly serious about practising this sport, it is easy to learn. It took me just over a fortnight to learn Parkour.

4. Do you think Parkour can ever replace traditional exercise such as gyming or yoga

 Yes I think Parkour can replace traditional exercise such as gyming or yoga.

Ans: Parkour needs strength and stamina however regular gyming does not need that much strength atleast not as much as Parkour.  If I had a choice, I would choose Parkour as it is a complete body exercise and does not require any equipment as well. Moreover I believe one would never ever get bored of this sport.

Karan Chhabra

Karan Chhabra

5. Would you advice your fans to take up Parkour

Ans: Yes I would advise my fans to take up Parkour especially if you have a passion, a willingness to take risks atleast in the beginning and an openness to learn.  However one is well-advised to know that you also need a lot of stamina to take up the sport.

So are you guys up for the challenge. Do you feel it is worth taking the plunge and trying your hand at Parkour. Let us know what you think.


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