Book Review: On A Clear Day You Can See India

When we received the book we had our own reservations about it. We feared that the book may be a replica of English, August. Our fear was confirmed when we began the book, although the book is not an exact replica. It is different but similar at the same time.

The author C. Balagopal has shared his experiences as a Government employee which is the only similarity to the book. His journey has been scripted well. There are a lot of anecdotes that will make you think and also wonder about the changes that *India has been through over the years. Like they say ‘One doesn’t have so much time to make all the mistakes by oneself in order to learn’ this book will teach you a thing or two while you are too busy to notice.

Read the book for it is a good read though you may want to take breaks and come back to the book. We say this because the book kind of gets stretched as you continue. All in all this is a book that you need not have as part of your collection but definitely as part of your ‘have read’ list!

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