Who Says That Mumbai Is A City That Never Sleeps- #SleepingInMumbai

When one first hears the word ‘Mumbai’, this is what comes to one’s mind…Mumbai- A city of dreams…Mumbai monsoons…26th July, 2005…26th November, 2008…and finally….Mumbai- The city that never sleeps…

We thought the same, until we came across Filip Jedraszak’s Tumblr BlogFilip Jedraszak set out on a mission to take pictures of napping Mumbaikars all across the city and recorded these in his blog. Have a look.

Story Soviets had a chance of catching up with Filip, an India based photographer and cinematographer. When asked about the project, here’s what he had to say.

Sleeping In Mumbai is a project that evolved from the notion to take a look at the troubles of homelessness in Mumbai. But when the project started the realization that the views on sleeping outside in Mumbai was quite different from the rest of India and the world. Nowhere else is it so common and accepted to take a nap in the middle of the street with so much carelessness and freedom.

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