An Unequal Harmony – Light Read, Yet On A Serious Subject!

A story revolving around Siddharth, Anshuman and Reva, An Unequal Harmony is Souvik Gupta’s debut novel. Despite being a debut attempt, it is a decent and honest attempt. The cover of this book, as you’ll might have already noticed, is no less than a movie poster! Thus adding to the predicament of reading or not reading this book.

A love triangle between the three characters, the story begins at the point where all three are in the hospital. Quite clichéd we admit but in the course of the book it doesn’t disappoint but nor did it compel us to ‘gobble the book in a day’. Yes, it is a decent read! Set in an urban setup, the characters are well-defined and the story progresses at a set pace. The plot transits between the past and the present at times, and we must say, these transitions are pretty smooth.

The smooth and crisp language of the book is one of the things that kept us going. The story is not something you’re surprised with as you turn pages. You probably will know the plot once you’re done with a few chapters.

You won’t find too many romantic books that will make you read till the last page. This one manages that and for a good reason.

All in all, a light read, yet on a serious subject, the author involves the reader into the plot. Read it while you wait for an interesting book to release or if you just love reading romantic drama, desi style 😉

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