Movie Review: PK – A Signature Hirani Piece

It’s very hard to believe that Rajkumar Hirani has just four films to his credits. You somehow tend to think of him as a veteran in the industry, someone whose work you look forward to. After all, his track record is stellar – Munna Bhai MBBS, Lage Raho Munna Bhai and my favorite 3 Idiots – three films, three massive successes, both commercially and critically.

I have been looking forward to his fourth movie PK for quite a number of reasons – the controversial film poster, mixed reviews about the film, rumors of it being Oh My God’s sequel and of course for Hirani’s comeback after close to 5 long years (Yes, it’s been 5 years since 3 Idiots released). I finally watched the movie on Christmas.

The controversial PK movie poster

The controversial PK movie poster

First things first! What is the film about? PK is a man’s journey through the paradoxes of Indian society. He cannot understand the meaning of religion, or the rituals most people busy themselves with. He cannot differentiate between a Hindu and a Muslim. He wonders why god men ask for money. He disapproves the absurdities that make believers against believers. Think it is too much like Oh My God?

The movie starts with the entry of a naked alien – PK (Aamir Khan) being dropped in one of the Rajasthan Desserts. And the movie quickly takes off when his ‘remote control’ (which can only take him back home) is stolen by an earthling. The story revolves around the blind faiths that PK comes across, while he’s searching for his remote control.

When Munnabhai & 3 Idiots unite; PK with his only friend on Earth - Bhairon Singh

When Munnabhai & 3 Idiots unite; PK with his only friend on Earth – Bhairon Singh

In his journey then to retrieve it, he meets Bhairon Singh (Dutt – his first friend, and a marginally important character). On Bhairon’s suggestion, PK lands up in Delhi, searching for the thief, where he meets Jaggu a.k.a Jagat Janani (Anushka Sharma), a journalist who is ever-hungry for stories. Jaggu is a Belgium return, where she was ditched at the altar by her Pakistani boyfriend Sarfaraz (Sushant Singh Rajput). Fascinated by PK, she befriends him and decides to help him recover what he’s lost.

PK with journalist- Jagat Janani a.k.a Jaggu

PK with journalist- Jagat Janani a.k.a Jaggu

Hirani hasn’t spared any major religion of the Indian subcontinent. They have shown some Muslim girls being stopped from going to school in the wake of a fatwa to some Indian god men taking the public on a ‘wrong number’ ride.

While it’s Aamir Khan’s show all the way, one cannot forget the flawless performances of the backbones of the movie – Jaggu, Tapasvi Ji (Saurabh Shukla) and obviously Bhairon Singh & Sarfaraz.

Sushaant Singh Rajput (Sarfaraz) in PK

Sushaant Singh Rajput (Sarfaraz) in PK

The story is perfectly paced at least in the first half. The latter part of the second half is extremely dramatic with crying characters live on air and immediate change of hearts but that’s more like giving the story a logical conclusion, right? Yes, it appears ‘over the top’ but not for more than five minutes, and that are the only dull moments. In PK’s language ‘lull hai bhaaya’ 😉

All in all, PK is a simple, sweet family entertainer that has its heart in the right place and wants everyone to live happily ever after.

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P.S: Don’t leave the theatre till the credit rolls. There is a surprise for you.

One thought on “Movie Review: PK – A Signature Hirani Piece

  1. Just done with reading your reviews..

    I liked the way you started…explained all the important characters..gave the plot of story yet successfully did not reveal important part of it and left the reader for surprise so that they would go to theater

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