Mumbai on A Slow Local: Churchgate to Dadar – One ‘Must-Visit’ Eating Hideout Close to Every Railway Station!

According to a recent survey, about 10 million Mumbaikars travel by Mumbai’s lifeline – Mumbai Suburban Railway daily, out of which close to 4 million (almost equal to the total country population of New Zealand, Ireland etc.) use the Western Railway alone. Mumbaikars love eating and the variety of restaurants in an around every railway station helps satiate the urge of indulging, while making dreams come true, in the city that never sleeps. Come hop on the slow local I’m taking from Churchgate to Dadar, while I list down one ‘must-visit’ place close to every railway station.

Churchgate –

The first railway station is Churchgate. When in Churchgate and its either lunch or dinner time, think nothing but a lip-smacking Gujju thali at Samrat. If you’re not from Mumbai, beware! This place will remind you of ‘Maa ke haath ka khana’

Thali at Samrat Restaurant (Photo Courtesy - Ramesh Solanki - Zomato)

Thali at Samrat Restaurant (Photo Courtesy – Ramesh Solanki – Zomato)

Other must-visits near Churchgate railway station includes Tea Center for that much-needed dose of Chai, K Rustom for their unique ice-cream sandwiches, Gaylord for variety of freshly baked options, Stadium Restaurant for their simple but super delicious Cheese Masala Omelette with special Chai.

A bakery heaven - Gaylords, Churchgate

A bakery heaven – Gaylords, Churchgate (Photo Courtesy –

Phudeel station Marine Lines, Agla station Marine Lines, Next station Marine Lines

I exactly know what you’re thinking. Well, no – while I agree that there are not many interesting eating options near Marine Lines railway station, but little ahead, in Kalbadevi, lies one of Mumbai’s oldest restaurants – B Bhagat Tarachand. Even their simplest of dishes like the Sev Tamatar with Butter Special (that’s what they call their Roti loaded with butter), Papad Chura and a bottle of Chaas (super refreshing Buttermilk) will make you feel good about life and your existence. Trust me on that one 🙂

Other must-visits near Marine Lines railway station is Parsi Dairy Farm for amazing milk based sweets and Thackers for undoubtedly Mumbai’s best Vegetarian Thali.

Papad Chura at Bhagat Tarachand

Papad Chura at B Bhagat Tarachand

Sev Tamatar with Butter Special at Bhagat Tarachand

Sev Tamatar with Butter Special at B Bhagat Tarachand

The most satisfying Chaas I've ever had - B Bhagat Tarachand

The most satisfying Chaas I’ve ever had – B Bhagat Tarachand

Phudeel station Charni Road, Agla station Charni Road, Next station Charni Road

Once a diamond hub of Mumbai, Charni Road has a variety of eating options to choose – from cheesy nachos at New Yorkers to a roadside Pani Puri at Tara Baug. But if I have to pick one ‘must-visit’ place in Charni Road, it has to be Bachelors Ice-cream & Juice Centre. Situated right outside the railway station towards Girgaum Chowpatty, this place is famous among foodies who crave for some icecream late at night. Once at Bachelors, you must try the Strawberry with Cream, Chilli Ice-Cream, Orange Ice-Cream etc.

Other must-visits near Charni Road railway station is Sukh Sagar for their Idli and Pav Bhaji.

Strawberry Cream at Bachelors Ice-Cream

Strawberry Cream at Bachelors Ice-Cream

Phudeel station Grant Road, Agla station Grant Road, Next station Grant Road

Very recently a decade old Irani restaurant announced that It’s soon going to shut down because of some unavoidable circumstances. This was extensively covered by the Media and Mumbai’s foodie community lined outside their favorite place to savor on their favorite Bun Maska with Irani Chai, for one last time. Yes, I’m talking about B. Merwans. Now since the management has decided to keep it open, after seeing all the love, you must go try this out.

B Merwans, Grant Road

B Merwans, Grant Road (Photo Courtesy – Business Line)

Other must-visits near Grant Road station is Swati Snacks in Tardeo, for their delicious Rice Panki.

Mumbai Central & Mahalakshmi

You reach Mumbai Central station and ask anyone about one of Mumbai’s best Pav Bhaji and they’ll direct you to Sardar Pav Bhaji. Just about two minutes’ walk from Mumbai Central station, Sardar’s Refreshments specializes in finger-licking Pav Bhaji. The highlight here for me is the slab of butter they put on the spicy bhaji. Squeeze some lemon on top and dig in with your fingers.

Other must-visits near Mumbai Central & Mahalakshmi station is Haji Ali Juice Center for the variety of fresh fruit juices and the special Strawberry Cream.

Pav Bhaji at Sardar's Refreshments (Photo Courtesy -

Pav Bhaji at Sardar’s Refreshments (Photo Courtesy –

Lower Parel & Elphinston Road

While there are not much of well-known eating joints outside Lower Parel & Elphinston Road railway stations, one must definitely try the simple vadapavs from local vendors right outside the stations. I made it a point to grab a vadapav from Mumba Devi Snacks corner, on my way back home from a long working day. One must also try the innovative Tawa Pizza outside both Lower Parel & Elphinston Road railway stations.

Tawa Pizza, opp. Lower Parel Railway Station (Photo Courtesy - Street Food & Travel TV India)

Tawa Pizza, opp. Lower Parel Railway Station (Photo Courtesy – Street Food & Travel TV India)

If you ask anyone working in Lower Parel about their favorite post-work hangout place, they would most definitely tell you about Booze on Moods (dearly known as BOM) and Ambiance. This is all that you’d need to make you happy after a rough day at work. By the way, there are even month-end friendly 🙂


A small place called Tambe Arogya Bhavan in Dadar West, very close to the railway station, serves authentic Maharashtrian snacks. The Thaali Peeth, Misal Pav, Kothambir Wadi or even a simple plate of Mixed Bhaji gushed down with a refreshing glass of Kokum Juice will do wonders. I always recommend just hidden gems to friends and family, when asked about authentic cuisines. Not to harsh on the pocket, this is definitely a must visit when in Dadar!

Talking about Dadar & Thaali Peeth, one must also visit one of the oldest restaurants – Mama Kane for Aloo Vadi, Misal etc.

Thalipeeth at Tambe Arogya Bhavan

Thalipeeth at Tambe Arogya Bhavan

I strongly recommend that you ride on Mumbai’s lifeline soon and eat your way through all and decide for yourself 🙂

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