Review: Morphogenesis: The Indian Perspective. The Global Context

This Monograph by the reputed architect first makes for a great coffee table book and as an interesting insight into the world of buildings. Especially the one you pass by everyday and not give them a thought, because hey they are just a structure!


Many such structures, especially in India, in its depleting form are treasure of history and also genius designs. They have so many stories and so many adventures hidden within them, it is baffling! Good grace, Morphogenesis keeps a sense of them alive which we see in the mention of the Mumbai Art Museum.

IMG_20171026_093944Though the book is a paradise for a non-architect for the sheer fascination of structures, it is a simplistic portfolio of the company to celebrate its genius and unique form within the industry. If you enjoy learning about new things that are outside of your regular genre reading this is a book will definitely make you look cooler.

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