Short Film Review – Khidkee – An Eye Opener

Ever wondered how Human Perceptions are built? Psychology defines it as the process by which the brain interprets and organizes the chaos that bombards our senses, is formed and how it affects our memories.

Khidkee - An Eye Opener

Khidkee – An Eye Opener

Dealing with this chaos is a very dear friend, Rohan Kanawade’s latest short-film, Khidkee. I was recently invited for a private screening of the short-film and boy am I proud?!! 

After his critically acclaimed short films Ektya Bhinti and Sundar, Film-maker Rohan Kanawade is back with another piece of art – Khidkee. This time his new Marathi short-film explores voyeurism & sexuality with a twist, through the eyes of two neighbors, who barely know eachother. The film highlights how we humans without knowing each other, don’t miss to judge each other – the lifestyle, the kind of people we interact with, the kind of food we like etc. Its a peep into the ‘lives’ of a middle-aged housewife, Madhu (Veena Nair) and a struggling film-writer Ashween (Lalit Prabhakar), who barely know each other.

Film Maker - Rohan Kanawade

Film Maker – Rohan Kanawade

“The idea is to underline how reality often differs from perception, especially in matters of sexuality. People see someone dress or talk a certain way, and pat, conclusions are drawn,” he says. But also, the story explores the idea of neighbours in a city like Mumbai – how little we know of our neighbours and how it’s almost fashionable not to know them.” – Rohan Kanawade

Khidkee is based on Rohan’s real life experience, after he and his partner moved in to their current home in Andheri, Mumbai. They always had neighbors from the adjacent building peeping into each other’s house. Indeed a little weird, but this formed the genesis of the film. The young film-maker has beautifully managed to tell the story in 3 parts – one, from the point of view of Madhu, a middle-aged housewife whose life now revolves around taking care of her paralytic, bed-ridden husband (superbly played by well-known actor Abhay Kulkarni). Her only distraction is Ashween, a young screenwriter who lives in the opposite building, who she watches through her window. His over-indulgence in alcohol and the constant flow of male guests raises her curiosity. Ashween, in turn, has his own idea about Madhu from the little he sees of her life through his window. Third perspective being of the audience – I had different opinions each time I watched Khidkee (watched it thrice).

Khidkee has been well-accepted in a variety of film festivals worldwide. If you’ve managed to catch the film in any of these festivals, do let us know about your perspective, in the comment section.

Khidkee is among the 16 non-feature films selected for Indian Panorama section at the coveted 48th International Film Festival of India (IFFI) 2017 (Goa). which is scheduled to take place from 20th to 28th November, 2017.

Khidkee Trailer 

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