This blog happens out of excitement and a great experience of watching a 3D movie at the theatre. We scammed from work and some-how managed to put coins together for buying the tickets… it was the month-end after all! After coaxing our profound reviewer we managed to ‘narrow’ down a topic for this very blog.

So, fact being, this blog is purely for those who love stories or storytelling. You will find select movie reviews; only those movies which either touched our hearts or those we think were stories best told. Book reviews will also bind you because we love stories that are not just well written but also that make you fly! We have a photography buff among us so if you stumble upon a beautiful bird or a picture that is worth a thousand words, you will know how it happened right here on the blog. Lastly, there are many places we visit on a daily basis – no I don’t mean the loo – but a visit to a restaurant or a monument or just a place that you happen to pass by; reviews or stories that hit us at these places are embossed right here! Besides places we also always love to try new food joints and new menus, so don’t miss the yum-sums that we bite into once in a while.

Disclaimer: This blog is primarily for the joy of coming across stories that are just too good and not something that simply evaporates. Therefore, all views on this blog are highly personal.

Love us already? Want to teach us a lesson? Feel free to contact us. In case you have a story to share, definitely write in, your story might be posted with all credit to you 🙂

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