My Gastronomically Happy Sunday at Versova Koli Seafood Festival! #GoodVibesOnly

Lip smacking seafood dishes, colorful ambiance, dance and a perfect dose of Koli culture, the Versova Koli Seafood Festival 2019 had this and much more happening over the weekend at the Koli village in Versova High School Association School grounds. Originally an annual festival organised by Koli community of Versova, this special edition was organized…

#BeingBengali at the Bengali Food Festival at Kohinoor Continental – So Much More Than ‘Roshogolla’ and ‘Maachher Jhol’!

The way to a man’s heart, they say, is through the stomach. And Bengalis take this very seriously, with specific days attributed to unrelenting gastronomic celebrations. One such special day is Jamai Sasthi – a day when many super Bengali mothers-in-laws pamper and feed their sons-in-laws to the brim till he is ready to burst…with happiness and…

Pav Bhaji Fondue (PC -

Taste Of The Future: Fusion Dishes You Must Try In Mumbai!

Mumbai’s food scene is on a roll. With so many eating options to choose from, ‘The City of Dreams’ is definitely on its way to becoming a good food central. From home chefs serving up meal experiences, to globally loved Molecular Gastronomy, Mumbai has it all.

Foodies in Mumbai are slowly opening up to the idea of experimenting with what they eat. Did you ever imagine a Laksa – Rasam combo? What about a Gulab Jamun – Doughnut – Rum combo? Many top-end fine-dining restaurants have also introduced dishes that have a global influence in the menu, along with their classic recipes. Since Mumbai houses and caters to people from all over the globe and hence has some great fusion restaurants. Here’s my top picks of fusion dishes you must try

Mumbai on A Slow Local: Churchgate to Dadar – One ‘Must-Visit’ Eating Hideout Close to Every Railway Station!

According to a recent survey, about 10 million Mumbaikars travel by Mumbai’s lifeline – Mumbai Suburban Railway daily, out of which close to 4 million (almost equal to the total country population of New Zealand, Ireland etc.) use the Western Railway alone. Mumbaikars love eating and the variety of restaurants in an around every railway…